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  • Soltus 450 Digital Portable
    Today’s mobile X-Ray environment requires optimal effciency at point of care — without sacrificing image quality. Meet the SOLTUS 450. This feature-rich, smart, compact system provides superior productivity, mobility, storage, and positioning for a variety of imaging environments. Power -Packed Functionality The small footprint of the SOLTUS 450 is packed full of operator-friendly features. Generous power and performance is made possible with the standard 40kW generator. Pressure sensitive steering and the telescoping column provide exceptional maneuverability. The SOLTUS 450 also provides confident and safe point of care imaging with considerations such as its LED status indicator light and front area storage that keeps detectors secure when the unit is not in use.
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UMG&Del Medical - Del Works DR

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 DELWORKS E-Series, state-of-the-art DR solutions, include

portable wireless and fixed detector options with Cesium
Iodide (CsI) scintillators. E-Series detectors are configurable
for single, dual, or multi-detector applications.
E14C Wireless
The E14C is an ultra-light, portable 14in x 17in wireless detector
with outstanding image quality, offering the versatility needed
to optimize workflow. The E14C has an internal accelerometer
which automatically senses motion and takes the detector in
and out of ready mode, extending its battery life. The Easy
Connect feature senses exposure without the need for
generator synchronization (prep signal).
E24C Wireless, Portable Detector
The E24C is a compact 24cm x 30cm version of the E14C
detector that is ideal for small anatomy and pediatric
E17C Fixed Detector
The E17C fixed, 17in x 17in, large format flat-panel detector is
designed to minimize technologist interaction with upright
exams in a dual or multi-detector configuration. It is easy to
integrate in all types of X-ray systems and delivers both quality
images and fast exams, for increased productivity.