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Canon CXDI-50RF

Canon CXDI-50RF

Portable R&F Flat Panel Detector (Removable)

Large 14” x 17” Imaging Area
* Captures Detailed X-Rays from
   Virtually Any Position and Angle

Superior Diagnostic Image Quality
* Cesium Iodide (CsI) Scintillator

Optimized for Multi-Purpose Use
* Sensor Unit can be Used in Multiple Rooms or Multiple
   Locations within the Same Room

Up to 30 fps Fluoroscopic Imaging
* Portable Detector can take up to 30 Frames Per Second
   for Fluoro
* Multi-Frame Radiographic Imaging is up to 15 Frames
   Per Second

Dynamic/Static Imaging Control Software
* Control Software Acquires and Displays both R&F Images Easily
   and Smoothly
* Software can Display High Resolution ImagesCXDI-50RF