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Canon CXDI-701C

Canon CXDI-701C

Wireless Premium Portable Flat Panel Detector (Removable)

Large 14” x 17” Imaging Area
* Captures Images, Large and
   Small, Without Need to Adjust
   Detector Orientation

Superior Diagnostic Image Quality
* Cesium Iodide (CsI) Scintillator

Compact Flexibility
* Wireless and Weighing only 7.5 lbs. with No Handle
* Designed to Fit into a Standard Bucky
* Solid-State Design allows Immediate Data Acquisitions

Designed Convenience
* Two Interchangeable and Rechargeable Battery Packs
   allowing 140 Exposures
* Secure Swappable Battery Packs

Wireless Standard
* Eliminates the Sensor Cable for Improved Operability
* DICOM 3.0 Compatibility allows Seamless Data
   Transfer to DICOM, PACS, or RIS

Streamlined Workflow, Immediate Results
* View a Preview Image just Seconds After Exposure
* Speed, Increased Workflow Efficiency, Enhanced Image
   Processing, all with a Lower Dose for Patients

Low Dose, High Sensitivity
* Provides Enhanced Clinical Imaging with Higher Resolution