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  • Soltus 450 Digital Portable
    Today’s mobile X-Ray environment requires optimal effciency at point of care — without sacrificing image quality. Meet the SOLTUS 450. This feature-rich, smart, compact system provides superior productivity, mobility, storage, and positioning for a variety of imaging environments. Power -Packed Functionality The small footprint of the SOLTUS 450 is packed full of operator-friendly features. Generous power and performance is made possible with the standard 40kW generator. Pressure sensitive steering and the telescoping column provide exceptional maneuverability. The SOLTUS 450 also provides confident and safe point of care imaging with considerations such as its LED status indicator light and front area storage that keeps detectors secure when the unit is not in use.
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Canon CXDI Control Software NE

Canon CXDI Control Software NE

State-of-the-Art Software for Digital Radiography Flat Panel Detector



Intuitive Operation
* Wide Range of Settings may be Selected
* Images can be Taken within Three

Emergency Study
* Exams can be Started Immediately for Quick Operation
* Patient Information can be Associated with Images Before
   the End of the Exam

PrePack Protocol Operation
* Enables a Single Click Selection for a Specific Examination

Suspend Exam
* Patient Exposure can be Suspended and Restarted for
   Multiple Sessions

Post Processing Functions
* Wide Range of Processing Functions including Measurements,
   Angulations, Quick R&L Marker, Free Annotation, Irregular
   Masking and More

Warm & Cool Color Settings
* Ideal for Light or Dark Rooms

DICOM Modality Worklist Capability
* Supports Program Imaging Mode, Optimized Workflow,
   Reduces Operational Steps, and Multiple Study Acquisition