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Agfa CR DX-S Digitizer

Product BrochureAgfa CR DX-S Digitizer

Image Quality

* Provides high level of image
   quality, speed, and flexibility with
   DirectriX and Scanhead
* Enables a reduction in X-ray patient
   doses through the exclusive
   DirectriX detector technology 
* Is designed to bring a full range of
   imaging exams directly to the

Flexible, Compact, Cassette-Based Design
* Flexible solution for decentralized
   environments and inroom use
* Easy arrangement of the cassettes
   results in a perfect fit between the
   anatomy and the positioning, and
   reduces the time posing patients
   for difficult exams
* Portability of the cassettes and
   flexibility make this digitizer
   great for GenRad, Paediatrics and
   Emergency use
* Cassette-based workflow makes
   it easy to use wherever needed,
   trouble-free positioning portability
   and flexibility of application