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UMG/Del Medical OTC12 System

Product BrochureUMG/Del Medical OTC12 System

General Radiographic System

Flexible Overhead Tube Support 

* Sturdy and reliable support that
   allows the most flexible
* Compact, slim design can
   be combine with a table
   and wall bucky for an
   affordable package
* Servo-linked tube support to
   both wall bucky and table
   ensuring accurate alignment
* Can be customized with
   optional AEC interface and
   digital upgradeable generator

Simplicity for Improved Productivity
* EV800 Elevating, Four-Way Float Table provides ruggedness and
   longevity and supports patients weight capacity up to 800 lbs.
* Or choose the economical RT100 Four-Way Float Table with
   patients weight capacity up to 500 lbs or the EV650 Elevating table with 650lb weight capacity.
* The EV 800 & 650 tables have hands free elevation with angled and recessed
   foot treadles to provide smooth and accurate patient positioning

Powered for your Needs with Flexibility for all Clinical Applications
* Customize your needs with Anthem, IN, and CM Series of high
   frequency generators
* Increase flexibility with a counter-balanced wall stand allows for
   smooth vertical movement with quality and durability, also
   available with manual or automatic size sensing tray (optional)

Take the Next Step to Digital
* The OTC12 Radiographic System can be upgraded now or in
   the future with DelWorks Digital Upgrade
* DelWorks Digital Upgrade lets you add the power of today’s flat
   panel detector technology as your needs change