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Canon CXDI-401C

Retrofit Flat Panel Detector (Fixed)

Large 16.8” x 16.3” Imaging Area
* Captures Images, Large and Small,
   Without Need to Adjust Detector

Superior Diagnostic Image Quality
* Cesium Iodide (CsI) Scintillator

Versatile for Retrofits
* Can be Retrofit into a Range of
   Radiography Devices such as an Upright
   Stand or Imaging Table

Streamlined Workflow, Immediate Results
* View a Preview Image just Seconds after Exposure
* Immediate Viewing of High Resolution Images used in the
   Control Software is Available on the Control Workstation
* (Workstation Sold Separately)

CXDI Control Software NE
* Software for Digital Radiography Flat Panel Detector

High Sensitivity, Premium Solution
* Provides Maximum Image Quality, Superb Dose
   Efficiency, and Versatile Configuration Options