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Canon CXDI-501G

Canon CXDI-501G

Premium Portable Flat Panel Detector (Removable)

Large 14” x 17” Imaging Area
* Captures Detailed X-Rays from Virtually Any
   Position and Angle

Superior Diagnostic Image Quality
* Gadolinium Oxysulfide (GOS) Scintillator

Portable, Lightweight Design
* Impressively Thin and Lightweight only 6.8 lbs
* Easy-to-grip so Patient and Technian can
   Comfortably Hold during Image Capture 
* Ideal for Trauma Centers or ICUs

Optimized Workflow, Immediate Results
* View a Preview Image just Seconds After Exposure
* Speed, Increased Workflow Efficiency, Enhanced Image
   Processing, all with a Lower Dose for Patients

Extensive Network Capabilities
* Ethernet 10/100 Base T Connectivity with DICOM 3.0
   Compatibility enables Seamless Data Transfer

CXDI Control Software NE
* Software for Digital Radiography Flat Panel Detector

Cable Detachment for Mobile Convenience
* Offers the Benefit of Portability with Detachable Sensor
   Cable for Time-Effective Transport with Simple Installation